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We always love seeing the creative ways our customers use our decals. With summer almost here, now is a great time to roll up those sleeves and sit down with some decor inspiration. 

Patterns are always great to use in a nursery, and as you can see, gold is a very popular color. The wonderful thing about patterns is that they can be versatile. They can be incorporated into other decors if the nursery is repurposed later on. And if you choose to go with neutral colors, you have even more options, since the neutral colors will match with more decor options. Take a look below for some fun and beautiful inspiration for decorating your nurseries this summer.


Gold Stars by Dana Decals in Baby Nursery with Mint Wall

Gold Star Pattern

Chrome Gold Polka Dot Pattern in Nursery

Chrome Gold Polka Dots

Multi-Size Multi-Color Polka Dots in Baby Nursery

Multi-Size Multi-Color Polka Dots

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