Wedding Typography Sign - Dana Decals - 1
Wedding Typography Sign - Dana Decals - 1 Wedding Typography Sign - Dana Decals - 2 Wedding Typography Sign - Dana Decals - 3 Wedding Typography Sign - Dana Decals - 4 Wedding Typography Sign

There is always so much going on during a wedding day! It can be helpful to have information posted for your guests, such as: directions to areas of the celebration, schedule of events, or even personalized messages or directions. Removable vinyl decals are a great way to create professional yet personalized signs that will fit the theme of your special day. We can create almost any size, font, style - you send us the text and idea and we do the rest!

Step 1: Order the listing and choose the size from the drop down menu. 

Step 2: Choose your color from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Enter your personalized text (the text of your menu)

Step 4: Dana will send you a sample for you to proof.

Step 5: When you send your approval we will custom cut the decal!


In the 'Notes about your order' include:

1. Any layout specifications (such as words you want emphasized, text you want centered, etc).

2. The font(s) you would like used (you can see all our font options here:

3. If you choose the Custom - Deposit option, include the dimensions you are looking for and any other details of your vision!


$ 24.00