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Our Paris Icons wall decal pattern pieces let you create your own sophisticated patterns on your walls, ceilings, windows, and more. It includes an image of the Eiffel Tower, Arche de Triomphe, Bastille Pillar, a poodle, Notre Dame, Metro light post, and a beret!

Eiffel Tower:1.2"w x 2.7"h
Arche de Triomphe: 1.8"w x 1.8"h
Bastille Pillar: 0.3"w x 3"h
Poodle:1.2"w x 1.4"h
Notre Dame: 1.7"w x 2.4"h
Beret: 1.6"w x 0.9"h
Metro Lamp Post: 0.9"w x 2.7"h

1 set includes 1 of each icon

This item is not wallpaper sheets, it is individual vinyl icon decals you can place on a wall to create a 'wallpaper' like pattern. The color of your wall will be the background color of the pattern.

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$ 10.00