London Icons - Dana Decals - 1
London Icons - Dana Decals - 1 London Icons - Dana Decals - 2 London Icons - Dana Decals - 3 London Icons - Dana Decals - 4 London Icons

Our London Icons wall decal pattern pieces let you create your own sophisticated patterns on your walls, ceilings, windows, and more. It includes an image of the London Eye, London Phone Booth, London double decker bus, Big Ben/Elizabeth Tower, and an umbrella!

Bus: 2.3"w x 1.5"h
Phone Booth: 0.8"w x 2.2"h
Umbrella: 0.6"w x 1.7"h
Big Ben: 0.5"w x 3"h
Eye: 2.32"w 2.5"h

A set of 5 includes one of each icon, and is repeated in that collection for each Larger number (ie - and order of 2 sets includes - 10 icons (2 of each icon)*

The icons come as separate pieces so you can layout the pattern to perfectly fit your space!

*See our FAQ and Policies for further information about our decals and company.

$ 10.00